We have three guiding principles for our investment approach: sustainability, stability and continuous risk-based growth.

Our goal is to develop and implement individual, comprehensive and extremely professional solutions for you and your family in a spirit of partnership. To do this, we draw on our proven expertise in the following areas:

Together with you, we devise the framework conditions for a long-term investment strategy. As a professional asset manager, we then implement this investment strategy in an appropriate manner for you – highly professionally and with ongoing monitoring and adaptation to current market conditions. Consequently, you do not need to worry about anything. We take care of everything for you and report regularly on the results.

Drawing on our expertise, we advise you on the best investment strategy and investment opportunities. However, the final investment decisions are yours. Taking your needs into consideration, we make targeted proposals in this respect or analyse your own investment ideas. We are extremely flexible when it comes to structuring investment advice and will also gladly take charge of individual areas (investment controlling, cash management, etc.) for you.

This service is especially aimed at very wealthy private individuals or institutional clients. We providetargeted advice and assistance in the handling of major banking transactions, both in the private and business sector.

We are more than happy to take charge of liquidity and currency management on your behalf. On the one hand, we see that payments are realised quickly and without complications and, on the other, we constantly optimise the investment of cash and monitor currency investments at all times in the interest of your requirements. We work professionally, speedily and without complications, optimising your liquidity and currency investments.

Real assets such as precious metals, raw materials, real estate, agricultural land and art and collectors‘ items are becoming increasingly important when it comes to asset investments. In general, they offer good inflation protection or, in other words, real value for money, and they are usually a sensible addition to classic investment instruments. We have built up an extensive level of expertise in the area of precious metals and, with ONE Precious, we are even active ourselves as a precious metals trader and, so to speak, well placed with regard to sourcing in this respect. When it comes to other real assets, we advise our clients together with professional and specialised cooperation partners.

We offer institutional investment controlling for wealthy private individuals and corporate structures. In this context, we operate as an independent and professional partner,monitoring and controlling your banks/asset managers. This is absolutely advisable and expedient in the case of larger assets as, in addition to the monitoring and control of the investment process and compliance with investment strategies, issues such as competitive fees (including avoidance of hidden charges), FX margins or interest rates are also taken into consideration. As a rule, investment controlling easily pays for itself.

If you have distributed your assets among several banks, we can provide consolidated reporting and, if desired, consolidated risk management and investment controlling. This offers a number of advantages. On the one hand, you have an overview of your total assets at a single glance (including non-bankable assets) while, on the other, your total assets are subject to professional investment and risk management which considers and effectively directs various investment strategies in different banks/asset managers in their entirety.

In close co-operation with our network partners, we advise and support you in asset structuring and both succession and tax planning. The goal is to create an optimum structure that will maintain and secure your «life‘s work» and your assets over generations and all according to your individual ideas.

We advise and support private and institutional clients with regard to compliance issues. We are also happy to take charge of all compliance evaluations with banks and other institutions on behalf of our clients. Compliance issues are handled professionally, speedily and efficiently as a result, saving you time and enabling you to avoid tedious evaluations andmeetings.

Charitable foundations are of major importance in Liechtenstein. On the one hand, there is a comprehensive and established law governing charitable foundations while, on the other, all charitable foundations in Liechtenstein are subject to state supervision. There are more than 1,200 charitable foundations in Liechtenstein today. Together with our cooperation partners in the area of foundation law, we advise you on all issues concerning charitable foundations. These range from establishment and funding opportunities (charitable, religious, humanitarian, scientific, cultural, social, sporting, ecological, etc.) to philanthropic, strategically charitable and value-based investing and the implementation, realisation and monitoring of the purpose of the charitable foundation.

We offer comprehensive family office solutions in cooperation with our partners for wealthy families and institutional clients. We advise and assist wealthy families in the management, organisation and maintenance of family assets over generations. The focus is on asset structuring, management and protection, estate and succession planning and cross-generational family governance.In addition, we also provide numerous other services for our family office customers, including accounting, consolidated risk monitoring and reporting, real estate management and a concierge service
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