Flat hierarchies, short communication paths, familial teamwork, sustainable visionary strategies: These are the cornerstones of our highly professional work and of our extraordinary service. All of this characterises both the corporate culture of ONE and our personal cooperation with you and your family. Spanning generations, if you like.

Our mutual objectives: your long-term success and satisfaction. This is why we will involve you in all decisions as part of our consulting services and then manage the entire implementation process for you. Using our accumulated expertise and experience. We want you to be able to concentrate on other things in life with peace of mind, knowing that your assets are in the best hands.

For us, you are not just a client. We regard you and your family as our partners and friends on the same level. The goal we share: Your long-term success and your happiness. This is why we involve you in the decision-making during the advisory process but then apply our accumulated expertise and experience
to relieve you from having to take care of the implementation. We want you to be able to focuson other aspects of life, knowing that your assets are in the best of hands.

We have a clear vision:
cooperation based on a partnership that will be lasting, reliable and with exchanges based on trust.

We are always there for you.
Contact us anytime.
ONE Asset Management AG
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